Chesterfield VA

Paid for and Authorized by Friends of Ryan Harter


My family and I call Chesterfield County home after serving our nation in the United States Air Force.  My wife Megan served in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and I served in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom.  After military service, we returned home to Virginia and chose Chesterfield County because of the school's excellent reputation. I began teaching civics and economics in Prince George County, and then in Chesterfield County.

Megan and I have four children that attend Cosby High School, Bailey Bridge Middle School, and Winterpock Elementary School.  As a teacher, and having children in all levels of our schools, I have seen the district strengths and weakness first hand.  I am committed to improving our district's safety and transportation while ensuring we focus resources to provided every child the  highest quality education possible.  I am committed to work with:  members of the community, school leaders, the board of supervisors, and other elected officials to continue improving Chesterfield County Schools.